Intro to the Slot Game: Gem Rush

Players, grab your trusty pickaxes and make sure your helmet lights are fully charged; we’re going underground to do some serious rock bashing in the hopes of unearthing some valuable resources. Gem Rush is yet another mining-themed slot machine released by Slotmill. Contrary to popular belief, California’s gold rush of 1848, which began with the discovery of the precious metal at Sutter’s Mill, was not the first or largest of its kind. However, gem rushes aren’t something that often make headlines. Slotmill’s release, with its avalanches, dynamic paths, Gem Crusher, plethora of power-ups, free spins, feature buys, and Burst Mode, might alter that.

Above ground, most likely near the mine shaft’s mouth, the stampede begins. This is a rather peculiar setting. Through the unique appearance and coloring of the rocky landscape and the pinkish sky, Slotmill has given the game an almost other worldly atmosphere. Like the random assortment of inanimate things strewn around in the Slotmill game Money Jar, the Gem Crusher adds to the game’s surreal, futuristic vibe. The Gem Crusher is located adjacent to a five-by-seven-cell gaming grid. The fundamental game, however, begins each spin with up to 15 locations occupied by blocker tiles. As you will see in the next sections, it is possible to get rid of the useless blocker tiles that are in the way.

Picking a wager anywhere from 20 p/c to £/€50 each spin is the first step into the very unpredictable mining region. The primary objective at the outset is to line up identical symbols across three or more adjacent reels, beginning on the far left of the display. When this happens, the winning symbols are swept off the board and replaced with symbols falling from above. The number of avalanches increases until no more progress is made. Gem Rush has a theoretical RTP of 96.1% when played in its base game mode, yet this number changes when players invest in the game’s Fast Track features.

Gemstones, mining machinery, and playing card tiles are all used as symbols. For a full house of J’s through As, you’ll receive 0.4 times your wager; for a full house of picks, barrels, helmets, or lamps, you’ll receive 0.6 times your wager; and for a full house of blue, green, red, or pink Gems, you’ll receive 1-2 times your wager. Gem Rush may not provide enormous jackpots, but it does have a progressive win multiplier and the potential to generate a great many chances to win. This mine contains more than simply precious stones. Wild symbols, represented here by little gold nuggets, can be used in place of any other icon except the scatter.

Slot Machine Options in Gem Rush

In addition to the standard reels, the Gem Crusher also features a supplementary reel made out of blocks. The Gem Crusher receives a new block after each victory. A Power-Up modifier stored in a block will be used during the subsequent avalanche.

Multiplier boost – adds a factor of +1 to +5 to your progressive payouts. After each spin in the base game, the progressive win multiplier starts over at 1.

Choose a certain reel symbol to have all occurrences of it turned into wilds with the help of Wild Conversion.

Choose a reel symbol type to have all occurrences of that symbol changed into Gems.

Adds anywhere from three to seven random wilds to the screen.

Column Wilds – turns every sign on a random reel into a wild, with the exception of the Bonus symbol.

By blowing up five tiles, symbols can fall into empty spaces and provide more possibilities to win.

In the bonus game alone, the Extra Spin button grants one more free spin.

Bonus Turns

Free games are triggered by getting 3, 4, or 5 scatters while playing the main game. During the bonus round, all 16,807 of your possible paylines will be in play without the use of any blocking tiles. During free spins, the win multiplier and Gem Crusher progress do not reset.

In a Hurry

If the Fast Track button appears, selecting it will bring up a menu offering the following four options for purchasing extra features:

To enlarge – for an additional 10x the wager, you can play a round in which no blocker tiles appear (RTP 96.35%).

To play a round of Expand+ with no blocking tiles and an x3 win multiplier (RTP 96.46%) costs 40x the stake.

Free spins may be unlocked by wagering 100 times the amount (RTP: 96.59%).

400x your wager grants you access to ten free spins with a tenfold multiplier on all wins (RTP 96.8%).

Mode de Burst

In games that support it, Burst Mode lets you choose your wager and amount of spins, then you play without reels or symbols. As the reels stop spinning, the screen will update to show any winners. You may cancel Burst Mode at any time before the spins have completed, and you can select whether or not to see the bonus round unfold on the reels.

The Case for Slots in Gem Rush

To begin, it’s remarkable that Slotmill has created a mining game that is distinct from the many other mining slots already available. Surprisingly, they haven’t gone crazy with mining-themed visuals and noises, opting instead for a more subtle approach. No grizzly bearded prospector is there to join in on the fun of players’ subterranean adventures by hurling dynamite around and acting goofy. Slotmill, on the other hand, has kept everything simple and streamlined, taking a backseat to the games itself.

Although the prospector is absent, players still have access to the Gem Crusher to keep them company, and this character has been cleverly implemented to introduce features onto the grid in both the regular and bonus game if avalanches are chaining. Like ELK’s X-iter, Slotmill games typically include a long list of bonus purchases available if free spins aren’t won naturally. In Gem Rush, there are two types of free spins available, in addition to the enlarged basic game spins. It did seem that using the complete grid in the bonus round led to considerably larger winnings than in the regular game, and beginning with an x10 win multiplier might not be inexpensive, but it might offer a beneficial leg up; thus, it is tempting. Gem Rush’s maximum win is a reasonable 10,000x the stake, whether you earn it through bonus purchases or the traditional methods, so there’s enough to get your rush on for.

There was never any doubt about Slotmill’s expertise and dedication to making extremely enjoyable Avalanche-based video slots after games like Fruit Smash or the retuned Super Fruit Smash. As an easily accessible and straightforwardly enjoyable avalanche-driven mining game, Gem Rush can hold its own among its contemporaries.






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