Cosmo Slots Review

Gamescale is responsible for the development of Cosmo Slots, an online slots game that features three reels and is incredibly simple to learn and play. It is a great option for players who are just starting out or for anyone who finds the 5-reel variations to be a bit too challenging. In Cosmo Slots, each reel has 22 positions, and these positions are filled by a variety of symbols. The game’s name comes from the fact that each reel contains 22 positions. The graphics, which are done in a cartoonish style, effectively convey the game’s focus on interstellar travel, which is the game’s central concept.

In terms of the score, it has a touch of a country twang to it, which is rather at odds with the overall space motif; but, if it begins to annoy you, you can just mute it. The most important point is that Cosmo Slots is a game that is both exciting and simple to play. Everything is organized in a way that is easy to understand. Launch into space and zoom in for a better look, shall we?


Symbols and Playing Lines in a Game

In keeping with the space invaders motif of Cosmo Slots, some of the game’s symbols are depictions of aliens (referred to as “little green men”), space rockets, planets resembling Saturn, flaming shooting stars, and UFOs. In this game, your purpose is to try to line up the symbols in the best possible winning combination, which will result in the highest possible reward for you. Your chances of winning are often proportional to the size of your wager as well as the number of lines on which you place your wager.


Therefore, the first thing you need do is choose how much money you wish to wager, as the coin sizes range anywhere from 0.1 to 5. You can replenish your coin reserves by clicking or tapping on the button that is labeled “Insert Bills,” which is located to the right of the reels. You must now attempt to line up three of a kind; in other words, three aliens (also known as tiny green men) will provide you with 250 coins, three space rockets will award you with 100 coins, three planets that resemble Saturn will award you with 50 coins, and three blazing shooting stars will award you with 30 coins.


The flying saucer is not only the symbol with the potential to pay out across all three paylines, but it also has the biggest possible payoff. In other words, the payout is 400 coins, 600 coins, or 800 coins depending on whether three of the symbols land on the first, second, or third payline respectively. The paylines are essentially predetermined paths that go across the reels, and the only way to win an actual prize is to land a combination of symbols that is winning. Thankfully, there are just three paylines, all of which are active throughout the game.


Every aspect of the game, including the aesthetics, the sound effects, the gameplay, the navigation, and the features, are deliberately kept straightforward in Cosmo Slots. There is also a button labeled “Information” that walks you through everything you need to do next in sequential order. In addition to that, it features an entertaining motif, despite the fact that the implementation of this motif is somewhat simplistic. Despite this, Cosmo Slots was developed for players who like a more straightforward and easy-to-understand approach, and as such, it has unquestionably accomplished what it set out to do.


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Simply sign up and begin playing at Reeltastic to become a part of the action and excitement. Regarding Cosmo Slots, it is a fun little game that has a retro feel to it, and it is well worth playing, especially if you are into simple online slots games. If you are interested in playing Cosmo Slots, click here. Have a wonderful time on your journey across space.






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